I literally could not care less about the whole Trayvon Martin thing.

Some jumped up neighbourhood watch dude shot a black guy big and the media puts a huge (biased) spin on it. big wow.

The price you inevitably will pay for the freedom to own firearms is that eventually idiots will hurt someone or themselves.

Yes it is a freedom, not a threat. The very fact that something completely codified in your country’s constitution is there to protect its citizens from the government is seriously the single most important thing a country can have to prevent fascism or tyranny. Every single country should have something similar, and every American should use this fact to their advantage. I think the fact that a citizen is legally within their rights to kill/resist a cop under the correct circumstances is brilliant and keeps the authorities in check. In reality, it’s highly unlikely that you’d survive that confrontation because hurt a cop and they’re all after you guns blazing, but regardless of the reality, the fact that a document an entire nation is based upon sanctions and even promotes the use of deadly force to prevent oppression is awesome.

Get at me.


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